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We respect your privacy and want you to feel free to participate actively in our lists, newsletter and forum. We will not give out, trade or sell your contact information.
Privacy Policy : We respect your privacy and want you to feel free to participate actively in our lists, newsletter and forum. We will not give out, trade or sell your contact information.

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 Today's healthcare is so full of complexities.  Often the simplest things become so entangled in the maze of insurance, technology, and business,  you shouldn't.  Often, in the name of progress, we forget to yield to the basic truths and tenets that medicine was based on.  First,  patients are people, not policy numbers.  Secondly, the Greek derivation of the word physician means "to teach to heal".   The greatest teachers are also the best listeners.  At The Neighborhood Doctor our purpose is to heal through teaching.  We also hear your questions.  Through educating you, we hope to give you personal power to make more of your own decisions pertaining to your  health care. Some things remain classic and reliable, much like your Neighborhood Doctor.  And no where is the feeling of trust and comfort more familiar.  So as technology changes the way we do business, the staff here at Your Neighborhood Doctor will not change the way we teach you about your health, because there in lives the "Art of Medicine"

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